Inle Lake Fisherman – The Artists on the Poetic Inle Lake

About Inle Lake Fisherman

The Inthar (known as Inle Lake fisherman) is said to migrate from Dawei to Inle Lake area in order to avoid the war influences during the 18th century. Since then, they have inhabited in this beautiful land and created their own civilization. Inthar people are very laborious, they earn their living by planting, fishing, and making crafts like cigars rolling or silk weaving.

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An Inle Lake Fisherman Is Relaxing with Cigar

The Inthar’s traditional transportation is small long tail boats due to the shallowness of the lake. In an Inle Lake travel, tourists can easily meet local fishermen rowing their boat by just one leg. It takes a long time to master this unique rowing technique.

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Location and Language of Inle Lake Fisherman

Inthar people live around the lakeside, including southern Shan State or in the town of Shwe Nyaung. Their language is various, but almost similar to the major Burmese language.

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Houses of Inle Lake Fisherman

Lifestyle of Inle Lake Fisherman

Most of Inthar people are fishermen or craftsmen associated with traditional products like clothes, silk, cigars. They live on both floating water house and landing houses on the lakeside. The local life is truly rustic, people here are friendly and hospitable, which is an advantage to attract more and more tourists to here.

Inle Lake Fisherman

Spiritual Beliefs and Culture of Inle Lake Fisherman

The major belief of Inle Lake fisherman is Buddhism which is disseminated to different people groups in Myanmar. Therefore, there are numerous pagodas in many shapes and sizes in the area. One of the most sacred places in Shan State is Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda where has many unique Burmese architectural stupas.

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The Inthar are followers of Buddhism, so that they always believe in the power of kind, honesty. Annually, there are plenty of traditional Buddhism festivals in the area that attracts millions of tourists.

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Discovering Inle Lake Fisherman Lifestyle is Really a Nice Experience

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