Jumping Cat Monastery – Where Cats Are Artists

About Jumping Cat Monastery

Jumping Cat Monastery (also known as Nga Phe Kyaung) was built on stilts over the beautiful Inle Lake, situated in the north of Ywama Village. Built in the 1850s, the monastery is the biggest and the oldest wooden monastery in the region and now is an interesting places to see in an Inle Lake travel.

Jumping Cat Monastery 4

What Makes Jumping Cat Monastery Special?

The monastery is well-known for its jumping cats that are trained to leap through hoops under the guide of monks like a circus. The performances are sometimes to serve the visitors and the cats performing shows are very friendly.

Jumping Cat Monastery 5

A Cute Girl is Very Interested in the Lovely Cats at Jumping Cat Monastery

Not only does it impress the tourists by cat-jumping performances, but Jumping Cat Monastery also owns lots of charms to be discover, including the collection of 500 ancient Buddha images. These unique statues are constructed in various styles of the Shan, Tibetan, Bagan, And Inwa (Ava) people.

Jumping Cat Monastery 6

The Cats at Jumping Cat Monastery Are Very Skilful when Jumping Through the Hoops

Any Other Things to See at Jumping Cat Monastery?

Taking a boat trip crossing Inle Lake to this monastery, tourists have chance to contemplate the astonishing beauty of the immense lake as well watch the fantastic cat-jumping performances which are now held by a woman instead of the monks several times a day. Upon arriving at the monastery, visitors can get inside and discover the unique of 500 Buddha images here and learn more about the Buddhist philosophy in Myanmar.

Jumping Cat Monastery 7

Cats and Hoops Have Been Familiar Images with Life in Jumping Cat Monastery

A trip to Inle Lake will never be completed without enjoying a performance of these cats.

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